Our story

"A watch, a bracelet, a piece of jewelry that represents something beyond beauty, values, giving and valuing our nature"
Why a tree? What is special about wood?
Nature is a huge part of our lives, there is something special and unclear about the nature of the Land of Israel, it doesn't matter if you like the beach of Tel Aviv, if you still look at the pictures from the Israel Trail, or if you wait for winter every year to go up to Hermon with your family, Our nature is the most beautiful
And it's important to me to give him something back
For me, every piece of jewelry, bracelet, and watch is much more than an ornamental item, they represent my values
Our wood collection is, in my eyes, the perfect balance between natural Israeli raw materials and high-quality and beautiful elegant watches, for both women and men
My favorite thing is that at the end of the process the customer measures the watch and puts a smile on his face
And when he hears the story behind the clock the smile gets even bigger
So if our story made you smile too, you liked our products and they connect with your values ​​- you've come to the right place