About the NEEVO wooden clocks

Is it really made of wood?
This is the first reaction I get after seeing our watches.
4 and a half years ago when NEEVO was just woven I knew I was going to do something that would be unusual in the landscape,
Even before the first Golf watch was released to the world, I received all kinds of comments, among other things that it was cool - but - strange or different or wouldn't work.
But I had a passion, and I went with it, it seemed to me a cool challenge that reflects who I am and I decided that even if in the end it doesn't work, and no one likes it - I'll still be glad I did it because it's me.
The token fell somewhere in 2018 when the first collection was ready: 13 watches, all different and I'm standing at a booth at an artisan fair excited and anxious to see if women will even be interested.
Nothing moved. Except for fleeting glances, no one stopped to see who the young man was and what watches he was offering.
Then a couple arrived who, as soon as I said my watches were made of wood, stole them! They didn't stop asking questions, getting excited and -smiling-!
I didn't even know what to tell, everything was so immature that I didn't even know how to tell the process in an orderly way until now, and it was magical.
Of course their energy and enthusiasm brought more people and at the end of the day I came home in a crazy high with 3 watches with me, and that's after someone stripped my watch from me and wasn't ready to leave until I sold it to him.
It blew me away, I felt that I had created something that people love, that brings value, that does good and makes people smile.
4 or so years have passed and not everything has remained the same Hi, and smiles, but there is a website, and a store and tens of thousands of customers who love NEEVO's watches
But all this is not really important, what remains with me is the thought that it is good to follow myself, to feel free to be who I am, to do things even if my environment doesn't think it will work well and that everything else will already work out.
Encourages you to fly on your own, to clear the background noise of the environment, the fear of failure and self-criticism and to follow your intuition because it knows best.
And see that everything will fall into place.

The brand that NEEVO has evolved into over the years believes that giving to nature is a must.

Nature has a huge part in my personality, something about the trips, walking barefoot on the ground, in the sea, in the landscapes and in the space touches me deep inside and continues to release me a little more on every trip, looking at the view from the car window or just swimming in the sea.

I realized that I wanted to give back, and the truth is that it doesn't require much.

With every purchase of a watch, we plant a tree in KKL-Junk forests throughout the country.

And to make it a real way of life, every week someone from the team volunteers at a place with an environmental character such as the hydroponic roof in Nester, the freedom farm and other places that do good.

If you want to know where we volunteered this week or join us for planting days or cleaning beaches, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.