DIAMOND wooden wristwatch for women model

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DIAMOND wristwatch for women

Thin and natural - the watch was inspired by the sparkling salt crystals in the Dead Sea
The model represents aesthetics, cleanliness in the design nature, and presence

GOLDROSE The only Nivo women's watch carved from a palm tree from the Dead Sea Valley with a background
creating a rare combination of colors

: a complete watch set

Recycled wooden case

Warranty card

Our smallest wooden watch - 32 mm of thinness
Material: palm tree and pearl white
Strap: Waterproof palm wood strap

The size of the strap can be changed: yes
Case size: 32 mm
Thickness: 7 mm
Strap width: 16 mm
Mechanism type: Quartz
Glass type: hardened mineral crystal
Water resistance: shower, rain, contact with water

Product options
  • Size 32 mm